Help me kill the second top leve widget without killing the first one

Hi All!,
   I need help again!
   In my code for a software the main window that appears at first, contains a
   tool XXXXXXXX.
   On clicking this tool it generates a graph (using GD::Graph) and displays it
   on a second window ( toplevel widget , $Window =
   Gtk2::Window->new('toplevel')) , which provides some more tools for
   maipulating the generated graph. This window also contains an 'Quit' menu
   linked as: $HdrMenuItmQuit->signal
_connect('activate' => sub
   The problem is on the first click on 'Quit' button nothing happens but on
   the second click the second window as well as the first window, both
   disappears and I don't get error messege. At the same time the X button on
   the window works absolutely fine.

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