Re: PDF/Postscript in gtk+

On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 16:32 +1100, Daniel Kasak wrote:
Raul Dias wrote:

I need to display pdf documents (PDF::Api2 generated documents) inside a
perl-gtk+ app.

This app will be cross plataform (linux/windows).

Do you have to have the pdf rendered inside your app, or is opening an 
external app OK?

I want to avoid using an external app.
Most people who will be using this barely knows how to use a computer.
Having multiple windows open would cause greater confusion.

Just to get an idea, this app will be run fullscreen from an autorun CD.

evince and gpdf can't currently print pdfs very well at all. They
major issues with spacing and alignment - particularly with pdfs 
generated by PDF::API2 ... trust me ... this is just what we do :(

Interesting.  Is there any reason for this? badly generated pdfs from

Raul Dias

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