Re: How to provide Win32 binaries?


> * Does it matter on which Windows version and with which compiler the
> binaries are created?  At the moment, I have Windows XP and MSVC 6 Pro.

It doesn't matter which version of Windows is used (at least it should be a NT system), but if you want to provide binaries for ActiveState's Perl distribution you have to use MSVC 6 or 7.

> * Should we provide binaries for different gtk+ releases?  Or should we
> just provide binaries linked to whatever is the latest stuff available
> for Win32?

That is a slight problem. A 'real' runtime distribution (or development distribution) is provided by, but they don't update their releases frequently. At the moment I really experience this problem: I compiled Glib-1.120 and Gtk2-1.122 successfully, but the distribution from gladewin32 has older versions of Glib and Gtk+ than I got at So we should consider to provide a compilation of the Gtk+ binaries too.
Btw. have you seen a binary distribution of Glade 3 for Windows?

> * If we provide binaries for different gtk+'s, how do we arrange the PPM
> repository?  Do we create sub-directories for major gtk+ versions?

If you consider doing this you can do it this way. In my eyes providing bindings for Gtk+ 2.6 and 2.8 would make sense (just think about the issue with Gaim and 2.8).

These are my thoughts so far.

Mario Fischer

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