Re: Threading

On Sun, 6 Aug 2006 21:38:16 +0200
"Jens Luedicke" <jens luedicke gmail com> wrote:


How do I wait for a thread to join without blocking the


1) show dialog

2) start resource heavy stuff in thread

3) wait for thread to finish

4) destroy dialog

the problem is: $thread->join; blocks. my thread is still doing
it's stuff but my GUI is (b)locked.

another idea is to use a shared boolean variable that is set
to true/false to indicate the threads status.

any hints?

The shared boolean is the way I would do it. Have the thread set
the boolean just before it returns (or finishes it's code block), then
in the main thread, use a timer to test repeatedly for the boolean, then
if boolean is true, thread->join.  That won't block.


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