where is it safe to redraw screens?

As those of you who are following this saga will be aware: I am writing
an app that is unusual in GUI terms in that it redraws all or part of a
screen completely whilst going through a cycle for a "job".

Study the first three screenshots enclosed. Things move sequentially, by
pressing each of the screen's 'book on' button, to the third screen
where the app will spend most of its time. 

It is safe simply to replace the current screen widget with the next
one, in the main window widget, whilst in the signal callback of the
"book on" buttons?

A further, related, query: something like the fourth screen can appear
at anytime (there is a Gtk2::Helper->add_watch() listening on a socket
for incoming messages [which all works just fine]). A user may be
sitting in some modal "dialog" in a popup window. Can you just change
widget and it will redraw underneath or does one have to either destroy
or wait until the dialog window is closed, first?


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