Bug in pixbuf->copy ?


Could it be that there is a bug in the "copy" method for the gtk2::Gdk::Pixbug object ?

I have the following situation, I use Gtk2::Widget->render_icon to get a "missing-image" icon. But since I want to tread each image as a separate object I want to make a private copy of this pixbuf.

Say I create 3 of these pixbufs. If I do not use "copy" all 3 of them are the same perl object (warn "$object\n"), but if I do use "copy" the second differs from the first but the third is the same as the second, regardless of the copy() call.

I would expect that "copy()" always initializes a new perl object.

Any suggestions ?

-- Jaap Karssenberg <pardus cpan org>

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