setting widget name on ItemFactory create?

I'm trying to name all the widgets in an application so that font settings
can be applied to it separately from .gtkrc-2.0.  So far I've managed to tag
most the the appropriate widgets to do this with set_name pretty easily.

The final out layers are the main menus in the menubar.  They are generated

    my $factory = new Gtk2::ItemFactory('Gtk2::MenuBar', '<main>', $accel);
    $self->{_window}->{menu_factory} = $factory;

Then a whole lot of menu declarations in an @list, which get passed to:

    $factory->create_items($self, @items);

    my $menubar = $factory->get_widget('<main>');

The MenuBar gets the right fonts, but the menus hidden within do not. :(  Is
there an easy way to either set names on ItemFactory create, or even after
the fact?



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