Old gtk binaries with new bindings? Or not?


I have to do an installation this weekend that I'm not looking forward
to ...

I'm installing on Windows 2003 server, running Citrix. For some reason,
the latest version of gtk that I can get running on Windows 2003 is
gtk-2.6.9. With later versions ( I tried a few ), gtk apps bail out
complaining that they can't see some symbols or something ( was in a
hurry and didn't write down the exact problem ). Anyway, I'm not
interested in figuring out this symbol stuff at the moment ... later
maybe. For now, I will be using gtk-2.6.9.

So. My question is: What version of the win32 binaries of various things
( gtk2, glib ) do I use? I'm only using functionality from gtk-2.6.x. Is
it a very bad idea to use bindings compiled against a current gtk with
an earlier version? If so, which versions of glib & gtk2 is OK for

Thanks :)


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