Re: Announce Gtk2-Ex-MindMapView


Thanks for the feedback.

Nadim Khemir wrote:
Hmm, doesn't test OK with cpan but it does when installing manually! OK.

I'll try testing with CPAN tomorrow night and see if I can duplicate this.
Now I got something to test at least.

It looked _real_ nice and I'm looking forward to have a mind mapping program that works with gtk-perl.

Here are a few remarks:

- you get 25 nodes even if you ask for 150.

I simply put a limit of 25 nodes in the example script.
- things get to a crawl when there are many node, I mean 5 seconds to draw the node which shape has changed

Wow! I haven't ever seen it that slow. I've tested this software on an older machine (650 Mhz) and it performed OK. There are things I've been meaning to do to speed up the software. I'll try to get the performance improvements into the next release.
- there is a display bug (see attachment)
I assume the bug is the horizontal blue line that appears in the upper right corner. Correct?
I guess you didn't do this without planning a full blown MindMapping app. If you want some input/testing, I have lots of ideas (I planned to do one someday) and some time to test.

Jaap Karssenberg is looking at adding the mind map as an option into his zim desktop wiki application. A version without the mindmap can be found at:

My hope is that by making it easier to add mind map type functionality to applications, that interesting hybrid applications might be created. Please share your ideas, and it would be great to have another tester. :-)
Another, related, question. Is there a canvas/lib for drawing objects (squares, circles, ..) and lonking them together. A kind of base lib for an application like Dia or visio?
I don't know of such a library, but if you find one please let me know.

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