Re: Announce Gtk2-Ex-MindMapView

On Sun, 02 Apr 2006 16:51:19 -0400
James Muir <hemlock vtlink net> wrote:

Hi Everybody,

I managed to get the alpha test version of Gtk2-Ex-MindMapView uploaded 
to CPAN.

Gtk2-Ex-MindMapView displays an outline or mind map on a Gnome2::Canvas. 
This module is an extension of the Gnome2::Canvas. It depends on the 
Gnome2::Canvas and Graph modules.

There are five example programs you can run to get an idea of how it 
works and what it's limitations currently are. Any and all feedback is 


Works here. :-)  and looks nice.  I was looking for a good example
to follow on sub classing a Gnome2::Canvas, and this fits the bill.

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