Gnome2::Canvas::Text text-height property oddness


The Gnome2::Canvas::Text man page indicates that the 'text-height' property is writable, yet when I try to set this property I get the following message:

GnomeCanvas-WARNING **: gnome-canvas-text.c:1072: invalid property id 41 for "text-height" of type `GParamDouble' in `GnomeCanvasText' at line 32.

I can read the 'text-height' property. A similar issue exists for 'text-width'. I would have thought that these properties were read only. Here is the code snippet that I prepared to demonstrate the problem:

my $text = Gnome2::Canvas::Item->new($root, 'Gnome2::Canvas::Text',
                    x=>10, y=>10,
'text'=>'Hello World! What a delightful morning it is!',
                    'fill-color'=>'dark green',
                    font=>'Sans 10');


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