Re: automation

On Sun, 18 Sep 2005, Scott Lanning wrote:
On Sun, 18 Sep 2005, muppet wrote:
  It is likely that
the widget itself is installing an idle to defer some processing,
and your idle to kill the main loop is running first.


Is there a signal that fires when page is finished loading?  Try hooking
the main_quit (or installing the single-shot to call main_quit) from a
handler for that.

There is such a signal. Good idea, I'll try that. Thanks!

Cool, installing the single-shot seems to work. Merci.
Actually that's great because I just have to connect to the
signal once and the single-shot will be added every time.

$object->signal_connect(net_stop => sub {
    print "Doing net_stop callback\n";
    Glib::Idle->add(sub {
        print "Doing single-shot\n";
    }, undef, G_PRIORITY_LOW);

print "Doing load_url\n";

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