Re: Loading a EXIF thumbnail with Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf->new_from_data


Welcome.  We'll try to make the hazing light.

Yeah, don't we just all love the haze... ;-)

According to 
e.html#ExifThumbs the thumbnail will be JPEG or TIFF, not raw bits.


Do this, instead:

   my $loader = Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufLoader->new;
   $loader->write ($data);
   $loader->close ();
   my $pixbuf = $loader->get_pixbuf ();

(That code is from memory, check for yourself to make sure i'm not  
telling lies.)

i'd say: memory++ ! the above code works like a charm! man, the thumbs
are loaded fast now :-/ supah!

There's new_from_file_at_size(), which uses a PixbufLoader to scale  
the image as it reads each chunk.  But, this is still slower than  
using the precomputed thumbnail.

jep... i already discovered that one :-)

That's referring to how to create image data in your script.  The  
image data is expected to be a flat buffer of pixel data, and to  
manipulate the contents of such a thing in perl, you need to use pack 
().  If you have packed data returned from some other source, you  
have no further work to do.

ah... thought so, but, I've just started playing with gtk2-perl last
week ;-)

yeah, my exiftool is starting to work nicely (and fast!) ;-)

Cheers and thanks a heap!

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