Re: gtk2-perl tutorial ?

nadim wrote:

Hi Rod,

I agree with you. I tried once and gave up rather quickly. Getting into gtk2-perl is not trivial. I guess it's there for those who _really_ want it.
I think the problem might be that Gtk+ isn't easy to get into. I started using Gtk+ 2.0 before gtk2-perl-xs existed, mostly because I never could get the Inline stuff working, even for the examples. When the XS version came around, programming with it felt *very* comfortable. I still think that the Gtk2 family of bindings are some of the most natural, easy-to-use modules I've ever used. I've been known to use Glib for projects that really don't need it just because I think the Perl interface really rocks :o)

I hope I'll be one of those soon :)

The community support, once you got in, is first class.
Wholeheartedly agreed :o)


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