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On Oct 15, 2005, at 4:08 PM, Peter Simon wrote:

A. Pagaltzis 2005. október 15. 21.29 dátummal ezt írta:

* Peter Simon <simon peter gprsec hu> [2005-10-14 18:50]:

I attached a strange screenshot.

Which is bad nettiquette. You don’t send binary attachments to a
list with a few hundred subscribers, of which probably four
people will even look at it. I wasn’t going to say anything, but
then you decided to top it off by sending this thing in

Please see the date of send. 3 times server sent back letters for too large attachment (60 k) not for the attachment. I wonder that it postet one day

The list is moderated; posts that are held for whatever reason (too big, sender not subscribed, etc) can be released by the moderator. Having said that, the list went without a human with moderator permissions for quite some time, but IIRC there's somebody doing that job now.

So do you know the answer or just are kibitzer?

You really haven't given us much to go on.

What we know:
- A gtk2-perl program, known good because it ships with gtk2-perl and works fine on other distros. - on Mandriva 2006 with Gtk2 1.083 the stock items don't show up in buttons.
- Stock items show up in the stock browser.
- You are running KDE. (as seen in the screenshot, that's Kicker's clock)

What we can infer:
- Since the stock browser works, the builtin stock items are all right, so the stock system is neither broken nor missing.

What we don't know:
- What theme are you using? (Themes and gtkrcs can disable showing stock items in buttons.)
- Do you have the hicolor theme installed?
- Does this malady afflict other gtk+ / gnome programs not written in gtk2-perl?

I suspect your theme or other distro setup merely has "stock items in buttons" turned off someplace.

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