Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI-0.4 is out

Version 0.4 is out:
or fetch via cpan.


- Changed calculation of primary key column to use $self->fieldlist
- Added renderer type 'none' for hidden fields
- Insert method accepts a list of column / value pairs to set initial values
- Added column_from_name function to convert a column name into it's number in the model
- Added column_value to look up a value in the selected row
- Added question dialog to ask whether to apply current datasheet before querying ( override with 'dont_apply' ) - Cache the fieldlist array in $self->{fieldlist} so we don't have to query the DB every time we need a field list - Remove requirement of field definitions - will use fieldnames from the database if none are given ( CellRendererText for everything )
- Added POD documentation


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