jukebox program

I've been working on a jukebox program for quite a while now.
It's still not finished, but it should interest some people.
It's made for large collections (I use it with 15000 songs) and is very
For now it is called qsplayer, but I'm looking for another name,
suggestions are welcome.

Currently it uses mpg321 and ogg123 for playing,
and amixer for changing the volume. There are no other dependencies.
I'll probably use gstreamer or something else in the future.
It runs fine under windows, but without mpg321 and ogg123 it's a bit
useless ;)

I'm using my own library for tag reading/editing, bugs could destroy
your mp3/ogg files.
(you can run it with the '-ro' option to prevent any editing of your

you can get it there : http://squentin.free.fr/qsplayer-0.9.tar.gz
(no web page yet)
and run qsplayer.pl (options/song info will be saved in /tmp/tags for
now, or use the '-C FILE' option to save options in FILE)

note that there's a lot of right-click menus in not so obvious places.

Comments / suggestions are welcome, but don't complain about the code
quality or its lack of comments :)
(It's my first really big program and my first gui program)
and keep in mind I mostly wrote this program for my own use.

And thanks to the gtk-perl, gtk+, and perl developpers.

Quentin <squentin free fr>

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