Re: My Custom Playlist

On May 25, 2005, at 7:19 AM, Lorenzo Micheli wrote:

use Glib::Object::Subclass
   interfaces => [qw/Gtk2::TreeModel Gtk2::TreeSortable/],

but i've this error: Can't locate object method "_ADD_INTERFACE" via package "Gtk2::TreeSortable" at /usr/lib/perl5/Glib/Object/ line 209.

what going wrong?

You've reached one of the portions of the API where we haven't instrumented the ability to implement a GInterface in perl.

_ADD_INTERFACE is the hook used by the bindings to install vtable entries into the class structures of your new perl-derived GObject type in order to marshal the vfunc calls for the GInterface up to perl code. This is, unfortunately, not something that is very automatic, and i don't think i can whip up a working patch in the twenty minutes before i have to leave for work. (Stay tuned for the introspection information in GObject, which is supposed to make all of this stuff automatic...)

At any rate, the ability to do this wouldn't be generally available until the next stable series, but if you'd like to test it out during development, i'd be happy to try to make it work for you.

Moreover i would remove the elements from the playlist, so i wrote this subroutine:
but doing so i can remove only the last element of my playlist, insead i would be able to remove any element from the, therefore where is the mistake? And what if i would remove all the elements?

I don't see an error in your use of the path API on the client side. Does your model create a valid path?

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