Re: Gtk2::Table

On Mon, 2005-05-16 at 13:06 +0200, Louis-Xavier Storme wrote:
can anyone tell me how to retrieve a widget at a fixed position (col,
row) from a Gtk2::Table widget ?

I don't think the table widget has a method to do that, but the
information is available:

  foreach my $child ($table->get_children) {
    my $top    = $table->child_get_property($child, 'top-attach');
    my $left   = $table->child_get_property($child, 'left-attach');
    my $bottom = $table->child_get_property($child, 'bottom-attach');
    my $right  = $table->child_get_property($child, 'right-attach');
    print "Child: " . $child->get_name . "\n";
    print "  Top :   $top\n";
    print "  Left:   $left\n";
    print "  Bottom: $bottom\n";
    print "  Right:  $right\n";


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