Re: Glib test failor

Gabor Szabo said:
not ok 12 - flags property
#     Failed test (t/newc.t at line 139)
#     Structures begin differing at:
#          $got = '[ value-one ]'
#     $expected = ARRAY(0x9bfbd94)

I think this is the Test::More issue we were seeing over the winter. 
eq_array() (which is used by is_deeply) is somehow triggering the
stringification magic on the flags value, causing the comparison to fail.

Torsten, i thought we fixed that?  Or was it a new version of Test::More?

Gabor -- in the meantime, this failure is a problem with the test harness; the
actual value that came back is correct.  It should be quite safe to install
and run anyway.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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