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Hi, thanks, it runs good, and it is a nice example of doing xs with Gtk2.

If i recall correctly (and i probably don't) i didn't put a whole lot of work into the binding -- i just did it to see if the thing was any good to use with a particular perl app i was working on. I never did do any leak-testing on it. Let me know if you have problems.

I did notice 1 small error in the examples, which I have also seen throughout
the tutorials, that is using   :: notation where you need a  ->.

In what contexts in the tutorials? When referring to a particular method the convention is to use the Fully::Qualified::method_name(), whereas when showing how to invoke something it will be $object->method_name().

For example in around line 75,

#$window->signal_connect (destroy => \&Gkt2::main_quit);
needs to be
$window->signal_connect (destroy => sub {Gtk2->main_quit});

Congratulations!  You have found an "interesting" special case!

There's a default parameter on the class argument to Gtk2::main_quit() to allow it to be called with no argument. This was done, IIRC, specifically to allow Gtk2::main_quit() to be used directly as a signal callback, without a useless closure.

Now, i say that was the reason, but in going back to the CVS logs to confirm this, i find that it is an undocumented feature that very well may have been committed by accident. It happened in revision 1.39 of Gtk2.xs (just before the 1.04x stable series): Gtk2.xs?r1=1.38&r2=1.39 Interestingly, this is not mentioned in the ChangeLog entry, and isn't done for Gtk2::main().

When I've been going thru the tutorials, I've seen this in quit a few of
the code snippets and code, and it probably will confuse alot of took me a bit of time to figure it out. :-)

That's true.  Still, TIMTOWTDI.

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