Gtk2::Ex::RecordsFilter - 0.03

Gtk2::Ex::RecordsFilter is a high level widget to browse reasonably
large amounts of relational data and select a subset of records. This
widget is inspired by the song browser of iTunes/Rhythmbox. I believe
that this widget can be used in other areas too. For example, in a
business application. (May be alongside the Gtk2::Ex::TreeMaker.)

The source code is available from cpan.

I have added an example to the examples folder. The non-trivial case
is one in which a child node has two parent nodes. Without clicking
anywhere else, click on the "Knockin' on heaven's door" in the 'Song'
window and then add that to selection to see what I mean.

Also browsable at sourceforge
(Or using anonymous checkout. I'm having sourceforge upload issues and
can't create a release tar.gz :( )

Details on the widget including a screenshot can be found at:
Changes in version 0.03
* Fixed packaging issues
* Added Column Headers
* Modified the dataset to use a songlist instead
* Removed horizontal scrollers. Use HPaned instead. Makes it look
better with long strings for records.

If you have comments regarding the usability of the widget etc, please
keep them coming :)



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