Modal dialog not modal under CDE >-/

Hi list,

I develop  an application running  under Solaris 2.8 and  2.10. I
have a Solaris machine without a screen so my tests are done from
a linux  powered PC  with KDE  as the desktop  manager. I  do the
testing on another site with Solaris machines using either CDE or
KDE as window managers.

I encounter a quite strange behavior when using modal dialogs :

- when used under KDE they act  as specified : no events occurs in
  parent window  and the dialog  stays on top  even if I  clik on
  them (even on the title bar).

- when used under  CDE : no events occurs  in parent window *but*
  clicking on  its title  bar brings it  to the front  hiding the
  dialog and  leave my users whining about  the application being
  unresponsive  (of course  the dialog  is still  happily waiting
  them hidden under the parent).

Have anyone  ever heard  anything about that  kind of  problems ?
I've searched bugzilla  for gtk to no avail. I  know it surely is
not a  perl-related bug  but if any  of you  can point me  in the
right direction or  tell me "yeah, cde is  crap, forget about it".

I have read and  reread the docs (perl and C) but  I can't find a
definitive answer  about windows  managers handling or  not modal
windows like dialogs.


P.S.:  Thanks again  for  your  work and  your  presence on  this
list. I'll never thank you enough.

P.P.S.: About Elysee's quotes in mupet's sigs: what a nice person
to live with she seems to be :)

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