Re: 'wrap'=>1 for Gtk2::CheckButton

Gtk2::CheckButton *does* use a Gtk2::Label for the label.  THe string you
pass to Gtk2::CheckButton::new is used to create it.  You can do it
yourself if you need:

Oh, great, it will be ready for yesterday ;)

But, if you do this:

$checkbutton1 = Gtk2::CheckButton->new ("...")

than you can't use change the wrap property from the CheckButton with 
something like:

$checkbutton1->set_line_wrap (TRUE);

What i mean is: exists a way to change the wrap property on an existing 
CheckButton with an existing Label?

However, $checkbutton->add ($label) is good enough, i don't know why I missed 
it before... ;P


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