Re: Gnome2::Print WARNING in first method

On Jul 26, 2005, at 10:56 AM, ADIS - C.P.D. wrote:

Using the sequence:

use Gnome2::Print;
my $config = Gnome2::Print::Config->default;


use Gnome2::Print;
my $job = Gnome2::Print::Job->new;

always print "WARNING **: failed request with status 1030".

What this warning mean?

Appears to be coming from a background thread lauched by libgnomecups's _gnome_cups_request_init(). I have no idea what it means, other than that cupsLastError() returned status greater than IPP_OK_CONFLICT. The next line after the warning sets a GError in the request object, so i think this is a debugging print that was left in accidentally.

me: Need any help?
elysse, hugging the toilet: No thanks, i can puke just fine by myself.

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