Re: GTK Perl Demo

On Jul 23, 2005, at 1:48 PM, Gábor Szabó wrote:

Some time ago I was talking about a downloadable set of examples/ tutorials/demo
whatever you call it.

Finally I got around and put together a first version.
If you are interested looking at it you can dowload it from here:


You comments are welcome!

The color snooper doesn't work --- it complains on the console that it needs an argument.

gtk-demo allows you to run scripts by activating their rows in the treeview (double-clicking or pressing enter). It also allows you to run more than one demo at a time. Both of those features would be handy. (Since you can edit the script, it would be rather easy for a user to hose the demo.)

Mnemonics and stock icons would spruce up the main window a bit.

If you set the shadow type on the two scrolled windows to "in", the window will look a little better.

The scrolled windows should both be set to automatic on both directions; set a default size for the toplevel window to account for that; and use an HPaned instead of an HBox to contain the tree and text -- that gives the user more control over the size and position.

It wasn't immediately obvious that i could edit the text to modify and run the samples. Some explanatory text and a "revert" button would be helpful. The feature is a really awesome idea, though.

Instead of the "List Widgets" button that turns into a "List Examples" button, you could place both trees into a notebook.

If you add support for Gtk2::SourceView for syntax highlighting, please be sure to make it optional. (Not very hard to do.)

Examples really shouldn't include unexploded ordnance.
  -- Joe Smith, referring to an example program i wrote.

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