Re: A little fix for Gtk2::Dialog

LoneFox said:
-                       new_order[i - 1] = SvIV (ST (i));
+                       new_order[i - 1] = sv_to_response_id(ST (i));

Nice catch.  If Torsten doesn't beat me to it, i'll look into that one when i
get home from work.

BTW, is this list the correct place for bug reports and fixes?

Discuss anything related to gtk2-perl here.  It's usually about using
gtk2-perl, sometimes about gtk+, and sometimes about implementing the
bindings, too.

There is no "report bug" link at or in the Gtk2-Perl
source tarball...

That's an oversight.  We have our own producct at . 
Where's the obvious place on to put that link?  "Links"?

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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