Re: problem with $liststore->set

Jens Luedicke said:
is it a known problem that something like this

$liststore->set($iter, 0, $stuff->return_value);

behaves differently than

$val = $stuff->return_value;
$liststore->set($iter, 0, $val);


I wouldn't call it a "problem".  By perl's rules, the subroutine will be
called in list context in the first case.

I just had a problem with the first case. The liststore complained and
returned a warning.

What was the warning?  Something like this?

Usage: $liststore->set ($iter, column1, value1, column2, value2, ...)
   the first value in each pair must be a column number at line 15.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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