VIP with gtk support

Hi guys, I thought I'd tell you about a project I'd like to start. I'd like to 
get some help.

I want to write an editor in perl, well I've written parts of it already. but 
the real work hasn't started yet.

I must say that the sate of perl tools is very bad. The debugger sucks, few 
editors have good support for perl and even less can be programmed, 
seriously, with perl.

stuff like:

sub GetToolTipInformation 
my ($current_word) = Smed::GetCurrentWord() ; 
if($current_word ne '') 
        my $word_list = Smed::GetLookupList("perl_functions", $current_word) ; 
        $word_list =~ s/\ smed_separator\ //g ; 
        if(length($word_list) != 0) 
                Smed::SetToolTipText($word_list) ; 
                Smed::SetToolTipTextColor( 0, 0, 0) ; 
                Smed::SetToolTipBackgroundColor( 255, 245, 238) ; 
                #display line and column in tooltip 
                my $line = Smed::GetModificationLine() ; 
                my $character = Smed::GetDisplayPosition($line, 
Smed::GetModificationPosition()) ; 
                # adjust start index as lines are number from 1 
                $line++ ; 
                $character++ ; 
                Smed::SetToolTipText("$line, $character") ; 
                Smed::SetToolTipTextColor( 150, 150, 150) ; 
                Smed::SetToolTipBackgroundColor( 235, 235, 235) ; 

are cool because anyone can add this kind of functionality. I'd like it to be 
easy to participate in the project.

I have my own editor but I want to make a version that can also run on linux.

I have looked closer to vi (most hated editor in the west) lately and there a 
lot of things that work in vi like they do in my text editor. 

I need a new project to take away my mind from my build system and I believe 
this could be an interresting one. The editor is a perl module, a bit like 
ex, and the UI should be the choice of the user. It seems that we can't avoid 
a curses interface. But when it comes to a full UI, I'd like to see it 
written in gtk-perl. There's a lot of things to be decided for the 
application and I'd like to get some input.

I'd be very happy If some feel like joining.


PS: hmm what about integrating sprog in the editor?

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