Re: How to link expand/compact behavior of two treeviews?

* Steve Madsen <smadsen dnahelix com> [2005-07-19 18:55]:
Any ideas on how to do this?  In the meantime I'm looking at
the documentation and searching the archives, but so far

I would think you connect to the respective signals in both
TreeViews (âexpand-collapse-cursor-rowâ, ârow-collapsedâ, and
ârow-expandedâ look like candidates) and then use the TreePath to
the item to duplicate the action on the other TreeView.

Be sure to keep the signal handler IDs so you can
`signal_handler_block()` them while youâre copying the actions
from one TreeView to another. (Else youâll get an infinite loop.)

*AUTOLOAD=*_=sub{s/(.*)::(.*)/print$2,(",$\/"," ")[defined wantarray]/e;$1};

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