Gtk2::ImageMenuItem with a custom icon

Hi all.

How do I go about creating a Gtk2::ImageMenuItem with a custom icon?
I can do:

my $menu_item = Gtk2::ImageMenuItem->new_from_stock("gtk-index");

to create one with the gtk stock icon for 'find', but I want to use my
own Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf. Well actually I'd be happy if I could use the one
that comes with the above command, but I want to use my own text instead
of 'index'. Either way.

I've tried:

my $menu_item = Gtk2::ImageMenuItem->new;
my $pixbuf = $form->render_icon( "gtk-index", "menu");

But the last line complains that $pixbuf is not of type Gtk2::Widget.

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