Re: row limit of SimpleList

* Beast <beast i6x org> [2005-07-13 05:10]:
Just corious, is there any limit on how many rows can be put in

How much memory you have. Well, you put more by hitting swap, but
thatâs going to be *really* unfun.

Supose I have a program which parse big log file, how many
lines of log file is still acceptable?

The GUI will probably get sluggish with more than a few ten
or hundred thousand items. I donât know how performance degrades,
so youâll need to run tests, but Iâve seen lists with a few
thousand items that were entirely responsive.

A few things that you can do to keep CPU usage down: do not use
column autosizing. And if applicable, set the 'fixed-height-mode'
property on the TreeView to true.

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