ANNOUNCE: Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory 0.55




  This is a framework which tries to make building complex GUI's
  easy, by offering these two main features:

  * Consistent looking GUI without the need to code resp. tune
    each widget by hand. Instead you declare the structure of your
    GUI, connect it to the data of your program (which should be
    a well defined set of objects) and control how this structure
    is transformed into a specific layout in a very generic way.

  * Automatically keep widget and object states in sync (in both
    directions), even with complex data structures with a lot of
    internal dependencies, object nesting etc.

    - Added a fully functional tutorial program (a simple music
      database) which makes use of a lot of simple and advanced
      Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory features. Not documented yet, but
      nevertheless a good example to learn how Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory
      works. More details in tutorial/README.
    - On demand loading of widget modules saves some memory
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Context
      - pass object aggregation information to define
        dependencies between objects. This way all dependent
        objects update automatically if their parent object
      - defining constant attribute accessors is now possible,
        e.g. for simple Combo presets not changing at runtime.
      - new method set_object_attr() sets an specific application
        object attribute and triggers corresponding GUI updates
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::List
       - new attribute "selects_object" for lists representing
         an index of objects to select one of them. The
         corresponding widgets are updated automatically
         once the list selection changes.
       - new attribute "visible" to control visibility of columns
       - new attribute "no_header" to suppress list headers
       - new attribute "attr_select_column" to have specific
         column values instead of selected indices in the
         "attr_select" attribute
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Label: declare an arbitrary Label
      widget as the label of another widget, so this label is
      deactivated/activated together with the assigned widget
      automatically, even in complex layouts.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Popup: additional data model,
      two dimensional array to define ordered key/value pairs.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Window: title may be controlled
      by an application object.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Widget: moved get_widget() from
      Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory to here, so it's available for
      all widgets, not only in a FormFactory.

    - Removed ok_hook() from Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Intro
      documentation, which was never implemented that way.
    - Tooltips on combo entries didn't work.

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