Re: Modal dialog not modal under CDE >-/

On Jun 30, 2005, at 9:46 AM, Vincent LADEUIL wrote:

Have anyone  ever heard  anything about that  kind of  problems ?
I've searched bugzilla  for gtk to no avail. I  know it surely is
not a  perl-related bug  but if any  of you  can point me  in the
right direction or  tell me "yeah, cde is  crap, forget about it".

CDE uses mwm (motif window manager) and gtk+, so far as i know, should play nicely with it.

At any rate, i can't imagine how this would be limited to gtk2-perl.

As well as filing a bug, try asking #gtk+ on or gtk-app- devel-list gnome org They will probably ask things like "what version of gtk+ are you using?", "does this happen with older versions of gtk+?", "i don't like perl, can you demonstrate the problem with a small C program?" and "how does it behave with $other_window_manager?"

I have read and  reread the docs (perl and C) but  I can't find a
definitive answer  about windows  managers handling or  not modal
windows like dialogs.

I think that's because it's up to how window managers interpret the ICCCM.

P.P.S.: About Elysee's quotes in mupet's sigs: what a nice person
to live with she seems to be :)

I must admit, i am rather fond of it.  :-)

She's obviously your child. She looks like you, she talks a lot, and most of it is gibberish.
  -- Elysse, to me, of Zella.

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