Gtk2::Recent 0.031 (unstable)

Hi all.

Here's another version of the Gtk2::Recent module, now with the
complete bindings for:

* EggRecentItem (the item inside the recent files list)
* EggRecentModel (the object watching the list)
* EggRecentView (the interface for model viewers)

EggRecentView is a GInterface for creating model viewers; in order to
use it from Perl, the usual interface subclassing stuff applies: just
provide two methods (DO_SET_MODEL and DO_GET_MODEL), and you're done.

I plan to wrap the EggRecentViewGtk object as soon as I find a
suitable name for it (Gtk2::Recent::ViewGtk is horrible).

WARNING: this is a beta-stage binding, based on libegg; if you don't
know what does this mean, then you'd better not use it. :-) If
anything breaks, I warned you, and you've got to keep both the pieces.

Package requirements:
 * Glib >= 1.070
 * Gtk2 >= 1.070
 * Gnome2 >= 1.000
 * Gnome2::VFS >= 1.000 (::init must be called before instantiating
the model or the items, in order to work on MIME types and URIs)

Build requirements:
 * ExtUtils::*
 * libgnomeui-2.0
 * libbonoboui-2.0

The package can be retrieved at:


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