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On Sat, 2005-01-15 at 07:36 +0100, Boštjan Špetič wrote:

first i'd like to thank you for the last answers... some should
probably go to faq or some other documentation.. is anybody maybe
collecting the more important replies from the list? ...just an

We usually try to do that.  If you have anything in mind that we missed,
let us know.

now i have another question. i want to do a drag-and drop label. that
is, i would like to be able to grab a label and drag it to another
grid. is this doable? do i have to convert it to a window and back
again? how do i trap an event in the first place and how do i
recognize where to pack it in the end...

You just have to use the normal d'n'd API.  The only catch is that
GtkLabel is a no-window, i.e. it does not receive events on its own.
You need to pack it into a GtkEventBox.  Attached is a sample that does
what you want, I think.


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