Re: Installing ExtUtils:::PkgConfig on windows

On Jan 25, 2005, at 12:32 AM, ofey aikon wrote:

Note (probably harmless): No library found for msvcrt.lib

mmmm. do you have msvcrt.dll somewhere in your path? if you do, then it is indeed harmless.

So I proceed to the next step. And bravely type nmake. And at that moment it explodes onto my face!!!


c1 : warning C4349: /Gf is deprecated and will not be supported in future versions of Visual C++;
re move /Gf or use /GF instead

This option is supported by the cl.exe from the commercial version of MSVC, which activestate uses to build perl.exe. These options get stored in You could edit to remove that if you really really wanted.

NMAKE : fatal error U1095: expanded command line '... too long

Are you using some form of windows NT (including XP), and are you using cmd.exe rather than

If one of the gurus here can comment on how to make that "supply input from either a file on disk
or an inline file" work, it'll be wonderful.

All of the magic related to compiling and linking happens inside of ExtUtils::MakeMaker. I think you can override a specific command section, but i'm not able to play with it today.

If you just want it to link so you can use it, then you could edit the generated makefile manually to remove some of the unnecessary libraries from the link command. For example, gtk+/glade have no need for comdlg32.lib, ole32.lib, netapi32.lib, or odbc32.lib.

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