Re: thanks for your help with Gtk2::Buffer

On Jan 22, 2005, at 2:54 PM, Stefano Esposito wrote:

I hav a buffer getted with a $buffer = $view->get_buffer; (where $view = Gtk2::TextView->new();), the buffer wouldn't be empty cause i fill it manually but

my $txt = $buffer->get_text($buffer->get_start_iter, $buffer->get_end_iter, FALSE);

gives me an empty scalar .Can anyone give me an hint?

Indeed that is the official way to fetch all the text from a GtkTextBuffer.

Are you sure that $buffer at the time of trying to get the text is the same one that you fetched from the view?

I can't reproduce this. If you could cut your program down to a minimal example that exhibits the problem, then we can help you debug it.

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