Gtk2::AboutDialog trouble


I'm having trouble with Gtk2::AboutDialog, just compiled from CVS HEAD 
against libgtk2.0-dev 2.6.1 from Debian experimental.

Setting properties using Gtk2::AboutDialog->set(...)

  $about->set ( authors => 'Jörn Reder' );    # or
  $about->set ( authors => ['Jörn Reder'] );  # should this work?

throws this exception:

  internal problem: GType GStrv (144925744) has not been registered with GPerl

I checked t/GtkAboutDialog.t to see why make test ran through 
nevertheless: the ->set() method isn't used here, but set_authors() etc.

Next I tried the set_authors() method myself:

  $about->set_authors ( 'Jörn Reder' );

Ok, dialog opens, but a click on "Credits" gives this:

  Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_text_buffer_emit_insert: assertion
    `g_utf8_validate (text, len, NULL)' failed

I suppose other properties suffer from the same problems.

I checked Gtk2/xs/GtkAboutDialog.xs and indeed couldn't find any 
sv_utf8_upgrade() which seems to be necessary here. I'm no XS expert but
nevertheless tried to add sv_utf8_upgrade() accordingly but I failed due
to the SETTER macro I do not fully understand (which variable is the SV
here?). So this bug report unfortunetaly remains a simple bug report 
without any patch attached... ;)



Joern Reder
Development Head ZYN! Coding Division -

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