ANN: Gtk2::Ex::DBI-0.6 ( repost - last one missing in action )

I'm pleased to annouce the 6th release of Gtk2::Ex::DBI ...

Gtk2::Ex::DBI is an open-source helper object that makes your Gtk2-Perl
apps data aware.
It handles querying, 'painting' records on your Glade-generated form,
passing updates back to the database server, inserting, deleting, and
much more.

This release is a MAJOR update that dramatically improves performance
while lowering the system requirements, by selecting small 'slices' of
records instead of the entire resultset at once.

Currently MySQL is the only database server that gets full
functionality, but I've made some progress with SQL Server by switching
to DBD::ODBC - full SQL Server ( and Sybase too, I assume ) support
should arrive in the next version. Adding support for Oracle and
Postgres should be trivial, but I don't use either, so it's up to others
( hint, hint )

For anyone who has bookmarked my webpage previously, note that the
address has moved ( see last item in changelog ).

 From the changelog:

Version 0.6, released 18-Jan-2005

MAJOR CHANGE: Implemented selecting of partial recordsets ( slices ) instead of simply selecting the whole recordset at once. Dramatically improves performance on low-memory machines, and in cases of large recordsets INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The min / max values that are passed to the record spinner are now the recordset position PLUS ONE
        ( ie starts at 1 now instead of 0 )
    Update the range of the record spinner when inserting / deleting
    Added workaround for
Added support for default values. TODO: Support for fetching default values from DB Server
    Added support for Gtk2::CheckButton
    Broke out last_insert_id functionality into it's own method
Fixed logic problem in 'move' method if there are no records ( don't try to move to position -1 ) Added ( dodgy ) workaround for - we bail out :)
    Documentation additions / cleanups
Got website back online at after a large outage ( I was in Cambodia for a month, and someone stole my hostname after it expired )
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