Gtk2::SimpleList and Gtk2::TreeModelFilter


is it possible to get Gtk2::SimpleList to work with 

I tried this:

  my $simple_list = Gtk2::SimpleList->new (...);
  my $model = $simple_list->get_model;
  my $filter_model = Gtk2::TreeModelFilter->new(
      $model, Gtk2::TreePath->new_from_string("0")

but I get

  Gtk2::TreeModelFilter=HASH(0x84be490) is not of type Gtk2::TreeModel

on the last line. Is the parameter check of the set_model() method 
simply not aware of Gtk2::TreeModelFilter or am I doing something 
completely wrong here?

(I know, this task is probably beyond of being "simple", but why not 
give it a try?... ;)

I'm using Perl Gtk2 1.061 with gtk libs version 2.4.14 from Debian sid.



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