Inserting paramenter into a ROW/NODE in a TreeView


I am trying to insert a value into a row/noew in a TreeView.
I might be missing something so, I will describe what I am trying to do
in the way I understand the TreeView works.

I am creating a list of data (no tree).

When I get a signal ('edited' in this case), I get:
- the CellRendering object which is always the same in its column (no 
  matter the row).
- The 'path_string' that in my case is the row number.
- The new text.

from the 'path_string' I can get an TreeIter with
  $iter = $model->get_iter_from_string ($path_string);

The problem is that the $iter is not the same TreeIter object I used
when inserting data to the model.  My bet is that it is created on the
fly with the info needed as used.

That said, I need something (some gtk object) that will never change for
a row/node so I can attach information on it.

I could use the the 'path_string' as an index in somewhere, however, the
value will not make sense if the rows get reordered for example.

So, how do I keep private data with each row/node?


Raul Dias

Raul Dias <chaos swi com br>

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