Re: Blank ( null ) display in a Gnome2::DateEdit

muppet wrote:

looking at the source of GnomeDateEdit in libgnomeui, it appears that the widget is set up so that it always contains some valid date and time. so, er, you may not be able to.

you could set the unix timestamp to 0 and create a wrapper that returns undef if the timestamp is 0. ... mmm, that doesn't seem to work, though: after setting the value "0" in the date entry, i get this:

gish: print Dumper( $dateedit->get ('time') )
GLib-CRITICAL **: file gdate.c: line 1273 (g_date_to_struct_tm): assertion `g_date_valid (d)' failed at (eval 23) line 1, <FIN> line 18.
$VAR1 = 4294967295;


I see.

I'll submit a bug report when I figure out where to do it ... on the gnome website somewhere I assume.
Thanks for taking the time to look into it :)


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