Re: gtktoolbutton on fedora?

On Jan 10, 2005, at 1:37 PM, BoÅtjan ÅpetiÄ wrote:

i get this error on fresh fedora core3... i guess some library is missing?

GType 'GtkToolButton' is not registered with GPerl; representing this object
asfirst known parent type 'GtkBin' instead
at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi/Gtk2/
line 96.

this is the message you get when an object has been created by a C library but the bindings have no mapping for that object's official class name. this happens quite commonly for things like GtkStyles and GdkGCs, which have private implementations under the hood; before we told the bindings not to warn about subclasses of GtkStyle or GdkGC, you'd get harmless but annoying warnings that the types BlueCurveStyle and GdkX11GC were not registered with the bindings.

this can also happen when you're running the bindings against a newer version of gtk+ than the one against which they were compiled, and the newer C library has new objects in it. for example, a Glade file run with gtk+ 2.4.x may generate new-style toolbars that bindings built against gtk+ 2.2.x don't know.

could somebody please tell which one, 'cause i don't get it. these i have installed:

perl-Gtk2-1.071-1 (this appears twice on "rpm -qa | grep perl-"!!!)

where did you get the rpms, and, if you got them from, did you happen to get the ones marked rh8?

Red Hat 8.0 included perl 5.8.0; all later RH and Fedora releases have included later perls, so the bindings would not have been built to go into a directory name 5.8.0.

this also makes sense because RH8 included gtk+ 2.0.6, which does not support the action-based menus and toolbars, so the bindings wouldn't have support for them, even though the underlying gtk+ 2.4.x found at runtime does.

and, for the "appears twice", are you sure one of them isn't perl-Glib-1.071-1?

ross, does your RPM builder have a sandbox for Fedora Core 3?

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