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muppet <scott asofyet org> writes:

On Jan 9, 2005, at 2:38 PM, Dan Espen wrote:

Does anyone know the trick to profiling perl code?

what you describe is two different things.

perl -dDProf profiles the subroutine calls of your script.

compiling perl with -pg will profile the actual binary and C-level 

Yep, I understand that.

Then I recompiled Gtk2-1.061 with CCFLAGS=-pg and produced a
Then I compiled perl with Configure -Doptimize=-pg and ran my 
with perl.gprof.  That produced a gmon.out, but gtk never appears
in the output, only the perl module itself, like this:

if glib/gtk+/gdk/Xlib have not been compiled with profiling options, 
they won't appear in the profiler output.

I compiled with the profiling option, but there were no
Gtk functions anywhere in the output.  (I did a caseless search for

  %   cumulative   self              self     total
 time   seconds   seconds    calls  us/call  us/call  name
 10.29      0.14     0.14    83933     1.67     1.93  S_hv_fetch_common
  5.15      0.21     0.07    24160     2.90     2.93  Perl_gv_fetchpv
  5.15      0.28     0.07      166   421.69   480.69  Perl_yyparse

Is there some way to profile the lower layers of this stuff?

those are the lower layers --- you're seeing the actual interpreter 
calls that implement parsing a perl script (yyparse) and manipulating 
hashes (hv_fetch_common) and global variables (gv_fetch_pv).

Yes, I understand I'm getting layers of Perl, but I guessed that it loaded
with dlopen or something like that and I'd see the Gtk stuff in the
profile too.  For some reason, Gtk doesn't show up.

I've been reading about treeview performance issues on the net and
almost everybody blames Pango.

Dan Espen                           E-mail: dane mk telcordia com

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