Re: simplelist speed - profiling

On Sunday 09 January 2005 20:38, Dan Espen wrote:
Does anyone know the trick to profiling perl code?

Hi, I don't think perl can give you the figures you are asking for. You want, 
if I get it right , to know where in the C based code you spend time when you 
call them from perl. Perl is not a C/binary profiler. I can only give you 
what it knows about. This is going to be tough as if you link perl statically 
with you -pg compiled lib, then run it and use gprof (not the perl profiler 
which is a simple module). You are going to get a lot of data about where 
perl spends its time too so the data might be less usable.

You question is very interresting. I didn't have the courage to go through 
this a few years ago when I tried to write a WxPerl app.  It took much too 
long time to redraw. I should have done the profiling :-(. Another 
interresting information you'll get is the time spend in the XS wrapping 
code. I am very interrested in seeing the figures you get.

Good luck, Nadim.

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