Re: Getting latest version of Gtk+ / Gtk2 for Windows

Tyler Hepworth wrote:

I am still confused about getting the latest Gtk2 perl though (vs
1.071).  Have you built these from source?  Any hints on what to do
I can only see 1.071 on the sourceforge page, and I haven't updated mine in a while. It's probably almost time again, but I'm a little scared of breaking things. Some of our desktops have a LONG list of dependancies, and the last upgrade ( to Perl ) wasn't as smooth as I had hoped for...

As for building from the source, I use Gentoo on our new desktops, and everything builds quite well ( apart from the odd Perl upgrade ). I've had a half-arsed attempt at compiling stuff under cygwin, but that didn't go anywhere, so I gave up. I've never tried compiling stuff for Win32. I wouldn't know where to start :(

Good luck though :)


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