Announce: Sprog 0.05

Hi All

You may remember back in December I announced my 'pstax' project and
mentioned that I was looking for a new project name.  Well, the new name
is Sprog ...

Sprog is a GUI tool that aims to bring the power of command pipelines to
the graphical desktop.  The Sprog workspace allows a user to assemble a
'machine' from parts using drag and drop; to configure those parts using
properties dialogs; and to run the machine with the click of a button.

In time, Sprog will provide lots of data sources, filters and output
options, but right now, a modest collection of simple components is

The main new feature since December is that saving/restoring machines to
files has been implemented, so you can start to build cool machines and
share them with your friends :-)

The Sprog project is hosted on SourceForge:

And the latest version of the code is available for download here:

If you're interested, you might like to join the mailing list:


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