Using the motion-notify-event on Gtk2::TreeView

I am encountering a strange problem with Gtk2::TreeView. The story is
as follows.

In my treeview, I want to make some cells 'hyper-linkable'. That is,
when I click on certain cells, I want a call-back sub to be called. I
achieve this by trapping the 'button-press-event' and calling the
specified sub on that event. That portion works fine.

But in addition, I also want to provide the user a visual feedback
that this particular cell is "clickable". The approach I thought of is
to change the mouse-pointer to 'hand2'... Kinda like the web browser
on a link. And this is where the problem occurs.

The way I achieve this is by trapping the 'motion-notify-event' of the
treeview and then calling the treeview->get_path_at_pos to identify
the cell (always a CellRendererText for me) on which the mouse is.
Then I look at the contents of the CellRendererText and then change
the mouse pointer accordingly.

The event is getting trapped correctly. But when I try to look at the
contents of the $cell, I always don't get the correct value.
Sometimes, it seems to be retrieving the value of the previous cell
that I visited.. sometimes it works fine. The problem is detected

I have replicated the problem in a small piece of code and attaching
it. Move your mouse on the numbers '0.2 and '0.9' on the tree a few
times randomly and you'll see what the issue is.


Description: Binary data

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