[ANNOUNCE] Gtk2::Ex::DBI-2.0

After much procrastinating and inactivity, I'm pleased to announce the next major release of Gtk2::Ex::DBI

Gtk2::Ex::DBI is a part of the Axis Not Evil project, a suit of cross-platform Perl modules that combine to provide an alternative to a 'leading' software vendor's RAD design tool for database access.

Project Page:

Major changes for this release include a new SQL object that replaces the somewhat fragmented approach of previous versions ( with support for legacy requests included ), support for placeholders ( for security and ease of use ), a graphical search dialog, and updated documentation.

Detailed changelog:

- Overhaul of SQL clause handling - now all SQL-related stuff is in the 'sql' hash

- Added support for placeholders in where clause

- Added legacy mode to support 1.x requests

- Added find tool ( right-click in a widget and select 'find', or call find_dialog() ) for user searches

- Added detection of primary key from column_info() ( MySQL only at present )

- Added destroy method, which destroys all signal handlers we've created, then destroys itself

- Don't modify $self->{sql}->{select} in fetch_new_slice - assemble $local_sql and modify that

- Added missing 'order by' string to fetch_new_slice ... I was wondering what was up with that :)

- Change suspicious signal_connect calls to signal_connect_after ( avoid GtkEntry focus-out-event error )

- Remove unnecessary signal_handler_block() and signal_handler_unblock() calls before set_record_spinner_range()

- Delete records in $self->{records} before querying ( fixes display of 'stale' records if query() returns no records )

- Fixed rare bug in display of 'stale' record if there's only 1 record, and it gets deleted

- Added method undo(), which is a synonym of revert()

- Updated documentation & cleaned up POD somewhat

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